History of the ECPG

ECPG is the world-leading conference on politics and gender.

ECPG offers a platform for exchange and dialogue about how understanding gender is central to understand politics and where diversity and plurality in analytical perspectives and methodologies is enhanced. At ECPG, the field of gender and politics is broadly conceived to include any gender, sexuality and intersectional perspectives in political science, international relations, political theory and philosophy, research methods, public policy and public administration, and social movements. ECPG is keen to engage as well with research on race and intersectionality, sexuality, on men and the masculine and those who identify as non-binary, genderqueer or intersex.

International in nature, ECPG welcomes contributions about the study of gender and politics across the world. Attendees are affiliated to institutions around the globe. The ECPG 2017 counted participants working in 43 countries across 5 continents. Together the work of the ECPG community is solidly anchored in the global debate on politics and gender. ECPG pursues an international ambition and commits to welcome the best work on politics and gender irrespective of its geographical focus or the location of the author(s). ECPG particularly welcome the participation of early-career scholars and scholars who are underrepresented in the profession.

Beyond scientific exchange on panels, ECPG is committed to support the Gender and Politics community professional development through the ECPG Mentoring Program for early-career scholars, the ECPG Gender and Politics Career Achievement Award, the Joni Lovenduski Ph. D Prize in Gender and Politics and the European Journal of Politics and Gender.

ECPG is often nicknamed the “boutique conference” where participants can enjoy attending above 100 panels, keynote lecture, professional roundtable and plenary roundtable and network the ECPG plenary reception and the ECPG Conference dinner in exciting locations across Europe. Since its launch in 2009 at Queen’s University Belfast and hosted by Yvonne Galligan, ECPG has travelled across Europe and convened at the Central European University (2011), Pompeu Fabra University (2013), Uppsala University (2015) and the University of Lausanne (2017). Over the years, ECPG had incredibly grown to reach above 560 participants and over 100 panels in Lausanne.

The next ECPG will take place at the University of Amsterdam in 2019, July 4-6. We can’t wait to see you in Amsterdam!

ECPG was founded by Karen Celis (2009-2013) and Johanna Kantola in 2009 (2009-2010). 

The ECPG team was later joined by Faith Hermitage (2010-2012), Isabelle Engeli (since 2012), Elizabeth Evans (2013-2017) and Liza Mügge (2013-2016).