Participation Rules

Conference Language

Abstract proposals and papers must be sent in English. All presentations are in English.


Deadline for registration is 2019 March 1. Participation will be automatically cancelled after this date.

Panel Scheduling

Participants are expected to be available for any of the panel time slots. If your schedule is limited by teaching or travel constraints, please inform ECPG by no later than 2019 February 15th. We will take into account one single request per participant. ECPG will do its best to accommodate any request but we cannot guarantee it.

To submit your scheduling request, please complete this form:

Author Responsibilities

Paper presenters are expected to ensure that participants of their panel, and in particular the chair and discussants, receive the paper by no later than 10 June 2019. Papers should be circulated via email to the entire panel participants.

Chair Responsibilities

The Panel chair is in charge of contacting regularly the panel members to remind them to circulate theirpaper by email their paper by the deadline. During the panel you have to make sure that all presenters keep their presentation to a maximum of 12 minutes in case of 4 or 5 papers and 10 minutes in case of 6 papers, and the discussants to 10/12 minutes each. You are also responsible for letting ECPG ( and your Section Chairs know about any cancelation on your panel and any other important information provided by the participants on the panel.

Discussant Responsibilities

Each panel is allocated two discussants who will share the discussion. In case of cancellation, the remaining discussant is expected to discuss the entire set of papers. Each discussant should prepare a discussion of about 10-12 minutes. In case there is only one discussant, the discussion can last for about 20 minutes. In case of cancelation, you are expected to inform the Panel Chair as soon as possible.

Panel Organization

All the rooms in which panels take place are equipped with a PC, beamer, screen and network connection. Panels last 105 minutes. If a panel includes 5 papers, each presenter is allowed a maximum of 12 minutes, allowing for a 10-12 minute intervention for each of the two discussants as well as time for general discussion. If a panel includes 6 papers, each presenter is allowed a maximum of 10 minutes, allowing for a 10-12 minute intervention by each of the discussants as well as time for general discussion. Panel chairs can adjust the speaking time for each participant depending on the number of papers on the panel.


In case of paper/participation cancellation, you are required to inform ECPG (, the Chair of your Panel and the Chairs of your Section, and this as soon as possible to avoid any detrimental impact on the experience of the other participants on your panel.