International Relations

Section Chairs

Peace Medie, University of Ghana

Susanne Zwingel, Florida International University


Gender and sexuality, whether as structures, practices, subjectivity, demarcations, or performativity, play out in international governance as well as in conflicts and crises.

At the same time, international governance and crises also create (new) configurations of gender and sexuality.

This section seeks to bring together cutting-edge research with feminist, gender and queer perspectives in the fields of International Political Economy, Security and/or Development Studies and International Governance. 

What are the methodological and theoretical challenges when incorporating gender and sexuality in research in international studies?








How can concepts employed to study crises, development, conflict and international governance be interrogated from a gender perspective?

What are the normative implications when applying feminist and queer lenses to the arena of international politics?

In what ways do discourses, policies, and practices in different fields of international studies (i.e. economic governance, conflict resolution, development etc.) interact and contribute to shifting understandings of gender and sexuality?

The section on International Studies invites conceptual as well as empirically based contributions on any geographical area.