Drude Dahlerup

Drude Dahlerup is professor emerita at Stockholm University. She is a Danish citizen, educated from University of Aarhus in Denmark.

She has published extensively on women in politics, quota systems, the women's movements and feminist theory. She is the editor of The New Women’s Movement. Feminism and Political Power in Europe and the U.S.A(Sage 1986); Women, Quotas and Politics (Routledge 2006) and the forthcoming Breaking Male Dominance in old Democracies (with Monique Leyenaar, Oxford Univ. Press). She wrote a two volume book in Danish, Rødstrømperne, about the development, newthinking and impact of the Danish new women’s liberation movement, 1970-85 (Gyldendal 1998). Together with International IDEA and the Inter-Parliamentary Union she and her research team are operating the global web site on quotas: www.quotaproject.org. She has also worked as a consultant on women’s political empowerment and quota systems in Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Kosovo and Tunisia. She has recently been appointed to the Global Civil Society Advisory Group to Michelle Barchelet, dir. of UNWomen. Together with Lenita Freidenvall she edited the report “Electoral Gender Quota Systems and their Implementation in Europe”, requested by the European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, 2009, up-dated 2011 (PE 408.309).Among her most recent projects is “New Avenues for Women in Public Life in the Arab Region” (2012-14) in partnership with CAWTAR, Center of Arab Women Training and Research, based in Tunis.