Mieke Verloo

Mieke Verloo, is Professor of Comparative Politics and Inequality Issues at Radboud University, Nijmegen. She worked for IVA, the Institute for Social Science Research at Tilburg University, for the SCP (as free-lance researcher), for several departments at the University of Nijmegen, and at the University of Utrecht.

She worked as staff member for two committees to stimulate women's studies at the national level (VBEO 1980-1982 and STEO 1988-1989). She was Visiting lecturer or Fellow at the University of Hamburg-Harburg and at the IWM, Institute for Human Sciences, in Vienna. At the IWM she also was Research Director for MAGEEQ (MAinstreaming GEnder EQuality) a 5th Framework project (2003-2005), see www.mageeq.net.

Her recent consultancy work includes work for the Luxembourg government (2008-9), the European Parliament (2006,with Sylvia Walby), and for the Luxembourg Presidency (on the Beijing +10 report, with Sylvia Walby). In 2003 she organised two seminars for DG Justice and Home Affairs (European Commission) on gender mainstreaming and gender impact assessment in co-operation with Suzanne Baer, professor of Gender and Public Law Humboldt University zu Berlin. In 2002-2003 she was coach and trainer for the Observatoria project, an EU funded initiative on gender mainstreaming and NGO’s concerning equal pay. Countries involved were Austria, Italy, Spain and France.

Currently, she combines working as Professor at Radboud University Nijmegen with being the Scientific Director of QUING, a 6th Framework Project, at the IWM in Vienna, see www.quing.eu.

Her research experience lies mainly in the field of equality policies, feminist methodology and social movements. Since the early 90s, the analysis, development and design of gender equality policies has been at the heart of Mieke’s research, consultancy and teaching. For the next 5 years, Mieke is increasingly linking attention for strategies against gender inequality to other axes of privilege and power, such as race/ethnicity, class and sexuality.

Excerpts from the letter of nomination for Prof. Mieke Verloo for the 2015 Gender and Politics Career Achievement Award:

“Mieke Verloo is a path-breaking thinker in gender and politics. Gender mainstreaming, intersectionality, and Critical Frame Analysis methodologies are good examples of this. Mieke’s works on gender mainstreaming have been pioneer in reflecting on one of the most important policy strategies (‘another velvet revolution?’), and pointing at the mainstreaming potential for ‘displacement and empowerment’, and oppositions to gender equality (one of her current research lines). Her reflections on intersectionality have challenged the EU institutional way of addressing inequalities as a ‘one size fits all approach’ and keep inspiring scholars and activists all over the world”

“Her work as a consultant and as a trainer especially in the Council of Europe but also in the EU has been crucial to what we all think today about gender mainstreaming and her ten years after evaluation (Social Politics) reflects that there is still a lot she has to say about mainstreaming. Her work as a trainer of gender mainstreaming in countries sometimes far remote from her own has also shown her commitment to the cause of promoting gender equality not just in terms of understanding gender and politics better in theoretical terms, but also in terms of channelling what we know from theory back to practice. Moreover, Mieke’s empowering personality defined her way of consulting politics, training bureaucrats (across Europe) so that politics and gender have a better relationship”

“The environment for researching gender and politics that Mieke has created in both MAGEEQ and QUING has served as a school where younger researchers could learn about gender and politics, but has also served as a place where young researchers could find research topics and were encouraged and supported to take on ambitious and innovative projects in which besides gaining important research topics and reaching important results they could increase their self-esteem and confidence to become known researchers in the field. Mieke’s leadership and indeed authorship in creating such an environment proved beneficial East and West, North and South of Europe, with several young researchers benefiting from it”

“Her visionary capacity to imagine equality worlds, her passion for and commitment to challenging inequality norms in all spheres of life, from theory to activism, are simply outstanding. These and many other qualities make of Mieke Verloo one of the key figures of our time in gender and politics, a person that makes the world of gender and politics go around, and that makes you believe that another, more equal, world is actually possible, and lots of fun doing”